In response to the increasing pressures that GPs find themselves under, the NHS England General Practice Forward View (April 2016) plan has committed to over £100 million of investment to support an extra 1,500 co-funded practice Clinical Pharmacists to work in General Practice by 2020/21. This is in addition to over 490 Clinical Pharmacists already working across around 650 practices as part of a pilot launched in July 2015.

These practitioners are an integral part of the practice team, working alongside GPs, nurses and other primary care staff, assessing and treating patients using their expert knowledge of disease and medicines.

Teva UK Limited have collaborated with Pharmacy Management and the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association and have launched a series of short courses (PLATFORM) to help GP Clinical Pharmacists develop and benchmark their clinical and managerial skills. The programme is also supported by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

The collaborative initiative demonstrates Teva’s commitment to supporting the training of GP Clinical Pharmacists.

The first PLATFORM programme focused on Respiratory Medicine optimisation. The accredited course consists of 2 one-day workshops, separated by about 4 months, with participants attending both days of their selected course.

The clinical content is developed by UKPCA trainers and the management skills elements are delivered through Pharmacy Management. At Teva, we have collaborated with both organisations and with our national stakeholders to ensure that we have the ‘right’ programme to support the development of GP Clinical Pharmacists.