Wednesday 13th November 2019, 09:30 – 16:00

Novotel Hotel Worsley Brow, Worsley, Manchester M28 2YA

The North West Respiratory Focus Day is a platform to share and support integrated care, with opportunities to get involved in the latest thinking on respiratory practice. There will be featured talks given by key experts in the field as well as engaging and inspiring work sessions.

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Featuring talks by key experts in the field, including:

Dr Robert Niven – Senior Lecturer and Consultant Respiratory Physician at the University of Manchester and Manchester Foundation Trust, (MFT) and chair of the event
Hassan Argomandkhah – Senior Clinical GP Pharmacist and Chair of Pharmacy Local Professional Network NHSE&I Northwest
Dr Binita Kane – Consultant Respiratory Physician at Manchester University Foundation Trust
Emma Rickards – Respiratory Nurse Consultant and Advanced Respiratory Nurse Practitioner, NMP
Dr Hassan Burhan – Consultant at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and lead of the Liverpool Severe Asthma Service
Peter Marks – Board member of the GM LPC and the Stockport locality lead, chair of the LPN Seamless Care/Medicines Optimisation sub-group, and lead on the GM adult inhaler initiative
Sophie Toor – Founder and Clinical Director of Respiratory Matters

In order to attend, registration for desired sessions is required. These informed sessions include:

  • Dummies’ guide to empowering patients
  • Why asthma still kills – time to do something different
  • BTS guidelines and update
  • OxyBand and controlled oxygen: mitigating the risk of hypercapnicacidosis secondary to high flow oxygen administration
  • Between primary and tertiary care
  • Improving inhaler technique
  • Spirometry interpreted

All healthcare professionals working in respiratory are welcome.

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This meeting has been arranged & Funded by Teva UK Limited and will be present with an exhibition stand.