NICE have recently released a medtech innovation briefing (MIB) on CFHealthHub for managing cystic fibrosis (CF) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CFHealthHub is a new digital platform designed for adults with CF to help them manage their condition and track their medicine usage. Data is collected via sensors on the eTrack rapid nebuliser (PARI Pharm GmBH) or I-neb nebuliser (Philips), which record the time, date and duration of each nebuliser use. However, the data transfer can be switched off by patients if they do not wish to share data with their clinical team.  

The purpose of the CFHealthHub is to firstly promote behavioural change that results in increased medication adherence and empower patient activation. The second objective is to assist clinicians in supporting patients with CF to develop positive self-care habits by providing accurate data on patient adherence to their recommended schedules of prescribed medicines. Finally, the CFHealthHub is important for allowing CF centres to track medicine usage and seek assistance if the adherence rates are below average in their centre.

The CFHealthHub includes an online, secure cloud-hosted server which stores encrypted data transmitted from the nebuliser and is managed by Manchester University.

There is a CFHealthHub online portal and app available on computers, tablets and smartphones that can be accessed by both patients and clinicians. This includes educational materials and evidence-based behaviour change tools to aid patients with CF in developing self-care habits. Real-time data from the eTrack nebulisers can be viewed including daily and weekly adherence to nebulised CF medicine. Patients are able to add body weight and home-spirometry measurements, which can also be viewed by their clinical teams.   

A digital consent system has been implemented since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to give patients with CF remote access to the CFHealthHub whilst they shield from COVID-19. 

The CFHealthHub has also been modified to offer virtual clinics for patients with CF. This is especially critical for monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic as patients with CF are considered extremely vulnerable and should avoid all risks of exposure to COVID-19.

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