Life Effects is an initiative to provide support for people living with chronic conditions and for their caregivers.

All of the content available on the Life Effects website is created by patients, for patients. There are articles, videos and podcasts from over 40 contributors who share their experiences in an authentic and relatable way. These stories focus on the wider impact of living with or caring for someone with a chronic condition, covering topics such as work, exercise, stigma and the benefits of peer support groups.

Improving the lives of patients

For someone living with a chronic condition such as asthma or COPD, often the only people who truly understand what you are going through are those facing the same challenges. Life Effects is about ‘living’ with a chronic condition, rather than managing it from a medical perspective. The personal stories on Life Effects can help reassure your patients that they’re not alone, while relevant, practical tips help empower them to make small, positive changes.

Getting closer to your patients

For respiratory professionals, Life Effects shines a light on the many ways a chronic illness such as asthma and COPD can impact a patient’s life. This insight can help clinicians gain a better understanding of the daily challenges faced by their patients and inform open communication and collaboration.

Exercising with asthma
This video by Beki Codd gives hints and tips on getting active with asthma.
Best practice in communication and counseling patients with respiratory disease
Val Gerrard discusses communication skills for remote consultations, and how to build patient confidence and promote self-management.
8 common myths about COPD debunked
As a respiratory therapist who treats chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), I’ve heard a lot of myths. Here are eight common myths about COPD and the facts that debunk them. lot of myths. Here are eight common myths about COPD and the facts that debunk them.
Educational videos to use in consultation with patients
Three short and engaging animations which focus on; what is asthma and how it affects patients, knowing asthma riggers and the importance of good inhaler technique.

Life Effects is here to complement the resources that are available on Let’s Talk Respiratory to support your patients to move towards the successful self-management of their chronic condition. If you feel your patients would benefit from the information on Life Effects, please share it with them.

Explore the respiratory section of the Life Effects website to find out more.