Making a difference together…

It’s easy to talk about the number of Teva medicines that are dispensed in the UK every day, but what really matters, is that we are more than a medicines company. We are working really hard to ensure we are a true partner to the NHS and healthcare professionals across the UK.

We firmly believe that better patient care can be achieved by working together, that’s why we support and actively implement the principles of joint-working, as laid out by the Department of Health and the ABPI. We are setting up joint-working partnerships around the country to help support the health service to make a real difference to patients in the UK.

We are proud of the successful joint-working initiatives we have already undertaken with the NHS. We’ve worked with the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to improve asthma education and achieve better asthma control for people in the city’s Somali community. In Ashford, we have been involved in a collaborative project between pharmacy and surgery to improve the education and experience of asthma patients in these contrasting healthcare settings. We’ve also supported the Wirral Health Commissioning Consortia to enhance the clinical management of asthma and achieve better outcomes for patients within participating practices.

More asthma and COPD-focused joint-working initiatives are underway currently, including spirometry and optimal inhaler technique training programmes, as well as activities targeted at reducing hospital admissions. We’re excited to see the results of these programmes and look forward to sharing more information in the near future.

To download in-depth case studies on some of our completed projects tap the ‘Download’ icon above or visit our dedicated joint-working webpages to find out more.