Introducing the Teva Inhaler Recycling Programme in the UK

While plastics and other synthetic materials have allowed us greater and more cost-effective innovative freedom, when they are no longer useful they become rubbish that has no place in nature’s life cycle.1 Unfortunately, certain waste products, including inhalers, are more expensive to recycle than others. The cheaper option is to send this waste to landfills or incinerators, and around 25% of all our waste will end up in our oceans.1 Teva understands there is a responsibility to try to find solutions to problems like these and work alongside customers to help care for the environment, whenever possible.

Therefore, in 2015, we joined forces with TerraCycle who are working towards Eliminating the Idea of Waste® by making the non-recyclable, recyclable. TerraCycle are active in 21 countries and have diverted millions of pounds of waste from landfill and incinerators every month.2 Together, we have launched the Teva Inhaler Recycling Programme as part of TerraCycle’s Zero Waste BoxTM platform, which provides participating centres with kits to support the recycling of used inhalers.3 The success of this project has resulted in it now becoming a permanent element of Teva’s loyalty programme.

Today, more than 350 pharmacies and dispensing doctors are involved in the Teva Inhaler Recycling Programme and 157,436 inhalers have been recycled. This equates to over 1,936 kilos of waste so far.3

You can find your closest Teva Inhaler Recycling Programme Centre using the interactive map below.

The recycling programme is available to eligible Teva Generics Scheme customers, and the simple sign-up process can be accessed via the website.

How the Teva Inhaler Recycling Programme works:4

1. Sign up Eligible customers sign up to the Teva Recycling scheme

2. Recycle kit dispatch TerraCycle provides a Teva inhaler recycling kit including, welcome letter, returns guide, recycling bin, A2 poster and bag stickers4

3. Collect and return Pop your inhalers in the box and, once it’s full, follow the simple guide to return it to TerraCycle for recycling

4. Recycling TerraCycle the waste into new materials such as benches or soft surface play areas4

For more information on this project, or any of our other recent projects, please contact: Teva Customer Solutions on 0800 389 4644