At Teva, Social Impact means aligning our corporate resources and expertise with relevant areas of social need. As the world’s leading provider of generic medicines, we are dedicated to promoting health and increasing access to treatment for patients.

As healthcare continues to evolve, Teva remains deeply committed to patients. We recognise the opportunity—and responsibility—to improve lives and deliver lasting Social Impact. Therefore, our approach to business looks to create value while also benefiting society, by contributing to healthy communities and leading a responsible business.

In 2017, we contributed to healthy communities by:

Investing more than $1.8 billion in research and development
Donating $82.3 million, supporting communities across more than 25 countries
Contributing to 80 patient educational programmes in 38 countries, reaching more than 300,000 patients

We also won 2 grants from the European Research Network to research Huntington’s disease and develop nanotechnology tools for drug delivery.

We led a responsible business by:

Developing 6 new corporate positions and policies, establishing our commitment to donations, human rights, diversity and inclusion, occupational health and safety, the environment and antimicrobial resistance
Donating more than 36,000 products to more than 20,000 patients through the Teva Cares Foundation

all while…

Reducing water withdrawal by 23% at 3 water-scarce sites in Israel and India
Recycling 40% of waste
Achieving the lowest greenhouse gas emissions efficiency rate in Teva’s history8% lower than in 2016, 12% lower than in 2015
Drawing 30% of the global electricity supply from renewable sources

Did you know?

Teva is running an inhaler recycling scheme in the UK

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To learn more about our Social Impact progress, please view the video below, or click to see the full Teva 2017 Social Impact Report.