Caregivers are often too busy providing the care to their loved ones to share their experiences, Life Effects is here to change that.

Those of us who work closely with patients living with severe asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis understand how debilitating these conditions can be. For many individuals, the help provided by their carers is invaluable, whether its help with the housework or a simple hug.

Life Effects is an initiative to support patients living with chronic conditions and their caregivers. All of the content on the Caregivers section of Life Effects website is created by people who have experienced both the joys and the challenges of providing care for a loved one.

Through a range of articles and videos curated by experts, caregivers share their personal stories and provide tips for others. If you have a respiratory patient who is cared for by a friend or relative that you feel may benefit, let them know about the Life Effects website.

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