To support World COPD Day 2019, Teva hope to raise awareness of the common misconceptions of COPD and its symptoms.

There are approximately 1.2m people living with COPD in the UK,1 with an estimated 2 million more who are currently undiagnosed.2 By identifying potential COPD patients and treating them appropriately with GOLD guidelines, we can help lessen the burden of COPD in patients’ everyday lives.

COPD was traditionally considered to be a disease limited for older male smokers; yet more recent research is building a different picture. Currently, 50% of patients with COPD are under the age of 65,3 women develop COPD earlier than men4 and 1 in 5 COPD patients are non-smokers.2 So, those who may be considered atypical patients should still be tested for COPD if they present the common symptoms.

If everyday life is leaving them breathless

Breathlessness during everyday activities, a chronic cough, frequent lung infections and wheezing are all symptoms of COPD.5 By identifying and testing for COPD sooner, regardless of the age, gender or lifestyle of the patient, treatment can be started at an earlier stage.

By highlighting the burden COPD has on the everyday lives of patients, Teva hope to make its symptoms more recognisable. Diagnosing and treating COPD at an earlier stage can improve outcomes for these patients, just as much as in later stages.6

To find out more about COPD, follow the links below and download our useful resources to support discussions with patients.