An emergency presentation of asthma is an opportunity to provide or review asthma plans and to offer education to your patients so that the risk of future hospitalisations can be reduced through better disease control.

We know that patients who use an asthma self-management plan are four times less likely to be admitted to hospitaland incorrect inhaler technique is one of the major causes of lack of asthma control.2

This discharge pack includes a useful checklist for you to complete with your patient when they are discharged from hospital, back into primary care, with copies for them and their GP so that everyone has the same information. It covers a review of their smoking status, a reminder to check inhaler technique and to offer appropriate retraining where relevant, and a discussion of peak flow and self-management plans. Also included is a form to be completed if their medication has changed so they can take this to their GP.

You can order free copies of this pack or download a digital version to print out for your patient or email to them.

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