At Teva, we aim to improve the lives and health of patients all around the UK. As the leading supplier of medicines to the NHS, through our wide range of medicines in multiple therapy areas, we estimate that, on average, every second of every day, over 350 tablets or capsules supplied by us are taken by patients all around the UK.1 

As part of this, a significant segment of our heritage as a global company is firmly established in respiratory. Our journey started in the 1990s with treatments for asthma, followed by COPD, and now with medicines for cystic fibrosis and immunological therapies for severe asthma.

Lung disease, including asthma and COPD, has a huge impact on patients’ lives and represents a great burden to the NHS, accounting for over 700,000 hospital beds and around 115,000 deaths every year.2 It’s clear we need to find new ways to support people living with these conditions.

It’s about more than just medicines: healthcare is everyone’s business. As well as supplying medicines to improve patient outcomes, we aim to support healthcare professionals, with tools and resources to optimise care, and to improve respiratory outcomes through education, encouraging patients to take a more active role in their own treatment.

Digital technology has the potential to change healthcare delivery in a profound way, connecting patients to their HCP with real-life actionable data. At Teva Respiratory, we are pioneering the future of respiratory care to put people back in charge of their respiratory health. We started this journey with NHS Sheffield on the Test Bed programme, focusing on asthma and looking at how digital health solutions can improve patient self-management and outcomes.

Working with the NHS to help it achieve its goals is at the core of our patient-centred strategy. That’s why we’re working on innovations that are going to improve the sustainability of quality care in the NHS, through empowering people in self-care and providing cost-efficient medicines.

As long as Respiratory conditions exist, we’ll be busy looking for solutions in the real world.